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Originally Posted by pensiveape View Post
I'm going to try to reassemble the FCU incase something was missed the first time around. The FCU assembly video I watched was a little difficult to follow.
The Alma Coles video starts reassembly at around the 11 minute mark. I used it with the parts and tools in front of me, pausing, reversing, pausing, step by step. The video is a little dark at a couple of points but if you take your time it will work out. nubrun shows what needs to be removed from the FCU on his site. I would guess that MK II insert has that extra material already removed. Mine was the MK I and I'll bet most, if not all of us got the early version.

Also I highly recommend polishing the rails, ALL surfaces. Smooth out the inside of the FCU and I polished the outside. My favorite Dremel wheel is the #500, it will remove material and polish.
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