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I don't know about the lifspan of dynamo flashlights, and radios, but I found these at my local 99c store:

Dynamo crank 2-LED flashlights. Apparently these have a capacitor that charges via the squeeze-crank. I don't think these have anything but a coil, magnets, switch, capacitor, and 2 LED lights, but I don't know if an EMP/Solar-Flare, Etc. would kill a capacitor. I did read that similar products contain a lithium ion battery, but since the case is translucent, I cannot find it, and I did pop off the LED cap to readjust the LED that wasn't working...

This same flashlight (well it looks the same visually) seems to go typically for 2.99-18.99 (5.99 AVG...) from what I could find in researching info on how long of a light you get for how much cranking.

Run Time 30 seconds press=15 minutes of light
60 seconds press=25 minutes of light
However another site that has the same product stated that 30 seconds of cranking give you 20 minutes of light.

I saw these and got 2, and will be buying more to put in the lady's car, my car, emergency supplies, and I'll probably give my daughter one for Christmas(, and a few spares in case they break, as she is not allowed any more batteries since she cannot turn her durned flashlight off [2 days, 2 sets of batteries]).

I had one that did not light-up one of the 2 LED's but after taking it apart and reassembling it works great too.

The light is sufficient for checking the back yard, and supplies more light (40% more?) than my stun-gun's single-LED.

Edit: Welp, it does look like it has a battery: even if you get 300 charges, I think it is worth a dollar. I wonder if it could be adapted to charge a 18650.
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