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Originally Posted by nicki View Post
It was a crap shoot to go to the SCOTUS and sometimes the "dice" just don't roll your way, but if you don't try, the dice will never role your way.

Right now our side is going through a filtering process where we are seperating the "civil rights folks" from the "hobbyists and sportspersons".

Don took the case on principle, something that many people sadly are lacking.

Don, I know this is a huge letdown, but you did what few others would do because unlike others, you are a pitbull and you stick with your principles and your beliefs.

Don just got beaten down really bad, as a community our response should be supportive because if any of us got beaten down, we would want people to help us up.

Right on nicki.

Thanks Don for all the hard work.!!!!!!!
We need fighters in this battle. Not sideline critics. This is a Civil Rights movement not a soccer game.
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