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Originally Posted by the86d View Post
Probably before they dropped the update. I was able to root a used DroidX, after an update, but it took dropping a full image of EU firmware on it to be able to run a root exploit on it, and now no NTSC, just PAL, so no HDMI on my home TV.

I read that after the I believe it was referenced as 6.21, a SBF downgrade was required to be able to exploit it. I had root on my Droid2, but since it was out of service (and I changed providers) I did a manual upgrade (stupid me) to MY Droid2, and then couldn't gain root access, so I had to drop EU firmware on that too to get root... and can't replace the ROM anymore due to the bootloader & kernel being locked or something. Now I use the Droid2 as a one-trick-pony, AKA dashcam.
oh man thats lame. The Nexus is so easy to unlock and root Ive heard. I just use the programs to do it for me. I dont manually insert in the commands. Im not that smart... haha
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