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I've been looking for a Ruger LCP. Plenty online, even have an FFL willing to work with me out of state to convert it.

The local FFL who I went to for singleshot exemptions has gone out of business and I do not want to drive to the Bay Area or LA for it.

How are these guns converted for SSE? Anyone here fondled one in single shot configuration? I ask this because based on the reading that I've done, Ruger does not sell LCP barrels, if you have trouble with yours, you ship your gun to them, they replace it and send it back. You don't get your old barrel back either.

Does the magazine release need to be removed? Does the magazine need to be modified to 0 rounds?

The way I've seen singleshot exempt pistols is that the feed lips of an old/worn barrel are extended so the gun cannot reload itself and an extension to the barrel is welded to make it 10+. Easy to do on a Glock or 1911 barrel, which are easily available.
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