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Went into the Turners Fountain Valley about ten days ago or so. Was trying to pick up a few of those Durango gun cases that are on sale. Got the same response mentioned above from the guy behing the cash register.I found where they were suppose to be but all were sold. I walked up to the cash register and asked was there any more. He responded huh? What? So I asked again. His response well if there is none over there we must be out.( Really?) So I asked, You dont by chance have extras in the back? His response no! I then asked when they were going to get more. His response- I dont know when we are going to any more back in. Then proceeds to tell me they have been sold out for weeks.

Dissapointing! If they have not had any in weeks , What takes so long getting more in the store? Is it a loss leader type deal or is someone not keeping inventory stocked. I honestly think you can restock gun cases within two weeks. The add is no good to me if whats on sale is not there to buy.

I understand the deals are good and you have no control over how fast things get sold, but please restock. I just keep getting the impression you guys only want to sell limited amounts of certain things you advertise. This isnt the first time I have came across this on something advertised.

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