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Originally Posted by Chaos47 View Post
The rail is a Leapers UTG 10/22 Commando Tactical Quad Rail it attaches by replacing the barrel band on a 10/22. So to use it you have to have a factory ruger stock, an aftermarket which uses the barrel band or modify an aftermarket stock.

The 2nd issue is that its rumored that the rail is discontinued.

Boyds has all sorts of stocks in all sorts of colors

I run a Tacticool from them on my Marlin 795
Similar to this:

Edit: Here's my 795 with limited edition Tacticool stock (They only made a small run that was cut for the Marlin)
That's a sweet little rifle! How do you like it? I was considering the the Marlin Papoose (basically a 10/22 takedown)

Nice catch on the Leapers quad-rail! Of course it makes sense now that "10/22 + quad rail" would yield results... doh. I hope it's not actually discontinued, but it's available on Amazon and for $40 I might pick one up before I actually have the rifle. Still a bit of lament as I wish the lower rail was longer for mounting the foregrip a little closer and a bipod for tactical target plinking. I saw a video of the system in action so now I'm going to guestimate whereabouts the foregrip would actually mount on my friend's 10/22, see if it'll work for my smaller frame. If it does I'll be looking into some kind of combined foregrip/bipod. Maybe something with a laser on it, too. And of course the toaster for a bit of squirrel toast squares.
Came here for the gun porn, stayed for the... well yeah the gun porn made me stay.

My posts should be taken with a grain of salt as I am in no way an expert on anything.

Currently interested in purchasing a Ruger 10/22 in the Santa Clara County area. Preferably the compact/wood stock version. Leapers UTG Quadrail would be a major plus.
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