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Originally Posted by Chaos47 View Post
Never made a 10/22 (Marlin guy here)

But I have seen this website and have been impressed with their prices and assortment of parts for the 10/22 in all sorts of colors.

Not sure if people think these are good quality parts or not. I will leave that researching up to you.

EDIT: Looks like they say they can't send the receiver to CA though. Probably wont get anywhere with them on that, lots of companies avoid CA
Damn... right when I was about to thank you for even more great information! I have a metric ton of links bookmarked for my future 10/22 build. Even though I haven't looked into aftermarket receivers yet I dig that one and I'm really bummed they don't ship to Cali. One would think the fees involved with selling it legally would be worth the business they'd possibly get from the most populous state in the union... but no. I'll just find someone who doesn't mind shipping to our great albeit slightly misguided state and give THEM my business. Still, great part that I never thought of.

Edit - though now I've noticed a stock they have that I hadn't seen yet... they may just get my business yet!
Came here for the gun porn, stayed for the... well yeah the gun porn made me stay.

My posts should be taken with a grain of salt as I am in no way an expert on anything.

Currently interested in purchasing a Ruger 10/22 in the Santa Clara County area. Preferably the compact/wood stock version. Leapers UTG Quadrail would be a major plus.

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