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Originally Posted by Chaos47 View Post
Grips? you can change grips and stocks to your hearts content.
For long guns, sure, but before I bought my Glock and learned about things like refinishing a gun I was looking at possibly getting a new OD grip for it and one of things (I thought) I saw was that it's the part the Gov'mint actually considers the firearm... and I'd have to DROS it. I could be and probably am wrong though.

Originally Posted by Chaos47 View Post
If you bought an aftermarket receiver it would have to be dros'd
(Like an aftermarket 10/22 receiver or AR lower)
That's good to know. And the receiver would have to be sent to or purchased from an FFL? Thanks for the reply!
Came here for the gun porn, stayed for the... well yeah the gun porn made me stay.

My posts should be taken with a grain of salt as I am in no way an expert on anything.

Currently interested in purchasing a Ruger 10/22 in the Santa Clara County area. Preferably the compact/wood stock version. Leapers UTG Quadrail would be a major plus.
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