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Originally Posted by Splash One View Post
This got me thinking. I'm fairly certain just building a gun from scratch would be illegal
That is wrong you can build guns from scratch. Look up 80% builds for example or AK flat bending. Those guns do not need serials and do not have to be reported.

Maybe the person who originally put this idea in my head had something left of the original gun... but what is the most one can change in a gun (a rifle, since I believe handgun grips are the important part for ... DROS? purposes, and new grips have to be registered as separate guns? I'm not sure on that) while still being the original gun?
Grips? You can change grips and stocks to your hearts content.

I think you are confusing grips for receivers or frames

Are there parts one should not swap out to avoid getting in trouble with the law, or if they were to change out everything does it require a new DROS or whatever the correct... thing... is?
There is no way to or reason to "redros" a gun unless you are transferring it.

Generally you don't change out the receiver as that is the serialized part. But it is possible..

If you bought an aftermarket receiver it would have to be dros'd
(Like an aftermarket 10/22 receiver or AR lower)

Once you own a gun you can pretty much do anything to it you want as long as you stay state and federal legal. Barrel lengths, overall lengths, CA AWB etc
The above is not legal advice. It is just something you read from some dude on the internet. It does not reflect the opinion of If it seems rude it was probably meant to read sarcastically.

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