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Originally Posted by sunborder View Post
If it complicates the BDC, the it's probably not worth it. I can see that. I can certainly say that there is NO point in MOA turrets on a Mil reticle. are going to make me go out and learn Mils, aren't you? $#%$! How exactly does it "run into the BDC"? Do the lines end up overlapping or something?

As for Nikon being combat scopes? Hardly. It was just an example of ballistics software that can give you actual BDC on their reticle for a given weight/BC/Height over Bore/etc... I personally don't mind a Nikon for a .22, but they don't do anything in a FFP, and that's a deal breaker in a variable power scope for me. Glad I could brighten your day, though.
What nikon does with their bdc software is standard in the mil system here is a quick example using mils. The problem with their system is you cant range estimate the way you can using mils.

And obviously the ACSS system is a huge advantage because its auto ranging and BDC at the same time not requiring turret adjustments or math to be done.
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