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I ran a small coffee can of mixed 5.56/223 brass tonight on the cutter. I had sized all the brass at the same time, so the shoulders should be set back about the same. I set the cutter for 1.750" and most of my brass was 1.748"-1.752" in length. This is more than acceptable for me. I didn't time it, but it felt like 10-15 minutes at most. My fingers are a bit sore from holding on to the rim of the case. My guard prevents me from holding much more of the brass. The shavings all stayed in the guard. I may try wearing a glove to protect my fingers next time, but I don't plan to trim the guard as the height works well.

I would rather trim on the CTS running on my machine any day vs. using the electric lyman trimmer I have been using. Deburring was also very fast (had another batch that was trimmed but not deburred yet).

I am very glad to have a faster way to trim and debur. That was the worst part of loading for rifles. I spent right at $100 out of pocket and 2-3 days of my time to build the trimmer base. I spent hours looking up parts and also running around for small hardware and the tubbing used for my guard. It was well worth the time and money I spent on it. I also know I can weld better than I thought. Win-win.

Now, I will either have to try out a WFT for curiosity or just order a CTS trimmer (which I know works great) for 30-06, 243, and 30-30.

Dark, I know how that time thing goes. I used to have more money and less time to spend it. Now I have less money, and more time to spend the money I don't have. Share your build when you get around to it.
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