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I ordered a 460 mag CTS trimmer. Jim said it should be done and sent out on Saturday. My brother and I trimmed about 2k pieces of 223 brass last weekend. It went great. I use boat tail bullets, and the bullet knocks the sharp edge off the case. My crimp die is set just enough to knock the sharp edge off the outside of the case. I don't bother to do any deburring.

The 30-06 and 30-30 cutters don't leave any burr at all. We will see what the 460 cutter does.

The CTS Gen 2 commercial cutter is now in production. Jim sent me some photos. It is $250 plus shipping (IIRC), and includes one shell holder. Additional calibers are $25 each. It looks pretty slick. It looks like he had it on Ebay, but it is off the list at the moment, as he is building another batch. Check out his ebay page for more info. If I hadn't built my own electric base for the CTS trimmer (and had the Gen 2 already been out) I would probably have bought one.
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