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The reason I purchased my CTS trimmer is because the OP's pics showed a nice, flush cut. Half the problem I had before the trimmer was a ridge on the outside of the neck which was a bit sharp and enough of a ridge that I worried about what it would do to the inside of my chamber after repeated use of cases with that ridge. That was on a Lee setup with their drill setup. I had to use the chamfer to take off the outside.

With the CTS trimmer, I don't get that anymore... but I noticed that if you jam a round in immediately with great pressure, it doesn't do as great of a job. I put it in with a bit of tension, then increase it a bit over a period of three seconds.

I definitely would check to see if your set screws are tight.

I have to say... this has already saved me a crapload of time. I did about 700 cases in one sitting with a drill clamped to my bench. It worked very well for me.

I did see a significant variance in case length, but a lot of that has to do with what chamber was used on the brass. I'm pretty sure that if it is all shot with my AR, it'll come out exactly correct. I just need to start separating my brass from "gift" brass. I also need to learn more about my sizing die.

I've noticed a much better seating when I use the chamfer on the inside. I don't use the drill. Just two quick swipes removes enough material.

I'm hoping Jim gets a website up soon so that he can post some info on questions we have. Also so that we don't have to use Ebay to order more trimmers.
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