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I should have added that I had some inconsistencies at first, but I was also using brass that was not all sized with the same setting on the sizing die.

A drill press will be much easier, or you could rig up something on an electric motor or lathe, if you have one. I only spent $47 with shipping, for my motor, cap, and fan. The fan might not be a necessity, and you could mount the motor to a simple plate like some of the CTS photos. My setup is much quieter than my cheap harbor freight drill press, and even that is quieter than many corded drills. I really like having the cutter pointing up vs. down on the drill press. It takes a enough pressure to cut the brass, that I would not want to trim it horizontally, unless the machine was fixed in place. Even then, trimming vertical causes most of the shavings to fall out of the brass and it puts gravity on your side.

I press the brass with firm to hard pressure, when cutting. Most brass takes 1.5-3 seconds to cut to 1.750" at 1070 rpm. 1500 rpm didn't seem to make a noticeable difference, when I used the drill press. I can hear the change in sound when the brass is no longer being cut. It goes from a quiet roar or grinding sound to a higher pitched squeek when the cutter just barely touches the brass and the plastic starts to rub on the brass. Throwing the brass back in the cutter, doesn't make it any shorter, for me.

Check your set screws, and make sure the plastic insert, on the cutter, isn't moving in the aluminum housing. Also check to see if the brass is touching the plastic insert on one small edge of the plastic, or if it is touching on a larger area. Maybe you could mark the brass on the neck and then run it to see where it indexes on the plastic insert. I expect cases to vary a little from one to another, if it is mixed brass, but I would not expect one individual case to cut to one length and then end up shorter when you put it back in, since nothing should have changed.

I might try a carbide end mill in the CTS, to see if I get any less of a bur. I tried pushing on the brass less, and spending more time trimming each piece, but it didn't help the bur. The inside may have been OK with a boat tail bullet, but the outside still had a sharp jagged bur as well. I get a bur whether I cut off 5 thou or 20 thou as well. I just don't see how others get such a clean cut.
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