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Depending on the amount of your assets, you may not need something as complicated as an A/B trust. This is an older and complicated version of a Trust. Now, they are usually pretty straightforward.

When you set it up, remember, name Successor Trustees in case you and your wife go at the same time. You need to designate that person with the authority to take care and handle your estate/financial matters. Remember, this isn't just about who gets your guns after you're gone. It's to help any friends/relatives who would be overseeing your finances. It gives them the authority to make payments, close accounts etc. This is also handy in case you both are still alive and need someone to act on your behalf (you're both in a coma/unconscious). Who has say over whether they keep you alive/vegetative state or pull the plug? I recently had to go thru this with my dad.

As a side note for anyone else who is named as a Trustee/Co-Trustee/Successor Trustee or a Health Care Agent, keep a copy of the documents on your phone either in pdf or in photo form. This way, you can intercede if you need it asap to carry out the wishes of your family/loved ones. It sucks to go thru the stress of seeing one on their death bed and not have access to paperwork to give to hospital staff.

My 2 cents.

Hope you get it ironed out quickly and inexpensively. But, remember, there are lawyers involved, so it won't be either of those things. Check yelp for reviews.
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