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Originally Posted by blackrazor View Post
I thought that was the whole point of the "AOW", the weapon is not a rifle, a pistol, or shotgun, it's simply "any other weapon".
Remember, AOW is a federal definition, not a state definition. There are not any CA-defined AOWs. However, CA says if you have a Federally approved AOW, then you are exempt from section 12020. There are no other AOW exemptions that I have found for other sections of the code.

And yes, I realize that Saiga doesn't normally import shotguns w/o stocks, but I'm sure you could put together a custom order, especially a group buy (calguns group buy, anyone??) and just get them documented as "stockless" builds from the factory.
I don't think that they could import PG'ed builds due to the sporting usage regulations. I dunno if they could even import stripped receivers. I know that an 07/02 went to SHOT this year and talked to every single importer/manufacturer of foreign-made shotguns to see if he could buy stripped receivers or PG-equipped shotguns so that he could make AOWs out of them. He said that he would have bought hundreds if that is what it would have taken, but everybody turned him down.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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