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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
I don't see why you couldn't AOW your fixed-mag Krink pistol. It wouldn't be an AW due to the fixed-mag.

As for the ATF approving it, I could see there being some questions asked to either you or CADOJ. Who knows, it may force CADOJ to go "on the record" regarding fixed-mag setups one way or another.
There was a conversation in a different thread regarding dodging the AW status if a firearm (say AK style) was built with a solid rear block (no stock means, not shoulder fired, means its not a rifle so AW exempt), had a minimum 16" barrel (so its not a pistol) and a 26" OAL.

Just curious, what would stop someone from building an AK style firearm the same way, AOW the firearm for the SBR exemption, and replace the 16" barrel with a krink style barrel? Would this not make it a non assult weapon, detatchable mag short barrel firearm?

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