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It's about an hour before we go wheels up on our last big road trip for the production. We're heading to Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, and (if our government employees can find time in their day to answer a few questions from the people,) Washington, DC. The hope is by the conclusion of this trip we will have 95% of the footage and interviews we need in "the can" to start editing the film.

This is a significant point in the production when we move from filming to editing and the documentary goes from simply an idea on paper to reality on the editor. It also represents new levels of commitments and expenses - the world of hard external costs. No longer is it salaries for Anita and I, payroll taxes, travel expenses, attorneys, health insurance and swag for the donors, but hard third party costs; music and footage licensing fees, editor and co-writer fees, more attorney fees and more insurance.

We will be launching a second Kickstarter campaign to cover these expenses at the end of January. In the meantime, we want to offer you a chance to get a tax deductible donation in before the end of the year.

Corporations and individuals can make a donation to the film before Dec 31st, through our PBS presenting station, Southern Oregon Public Television, and receive the needed paperwork for your 2012 taxes. This is a great way to get a write-off while supporting the film. Send me a PM if you're interested in making such a donation. You can also make a donation through our website, , if you don't need a write-off and just want to help out.

Now that 7th District has ruled to support the intent of the 2nd Amendment, help us educate those that don't understand the importance of this right in their lives.

Best holiday wishes to all,

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