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Yeah, so my above post seems kinda silly, but after reading more in the ladies forum, I'm convinced it makes the right point. There are differences between "the wiring" or whatever you want to call it, general differences in communication, that many guys posting things about "I want to buy my girl a gun" seem to be not getting.

If your lady isn't into the gun thing because she's scared/inexperienced/etc. I would suggest, in addition to all the great things people have to say about all this, thinking about not just the technical aspects, but the whole picture. It's not just about getting her to the range and firing the guns, it's about creating a whole experience that is positive. You wouldn't ask a girl out and tell her she's gonna have the best time ever, and then pick her up without showing/shaving/dressing nicely. You wouldn't then throw a half eaten hamburger at her and say, "there's dinner, now lets tongue." No sir! Not if you want to get anywhere at least. No, you would plan it out. You would shower, shave, clean out your car, take her somewhere decent, be polite, etc. Same thing applies to new experiences that you like, but she may not be thrilled about. I'm not saying women need coddling because honestly, I would recommend this kind of planning for any new experience for anyone (man, woman, child, horse, dog, etc.) No, not saying you should date a horse or dog. Creating positive experiences around the issue helps the person associate the scary or new thing with good things. You increase your chances of success.

If she is into guns, make it a "lets do this together" thing. You know, relationship building junk. Ask Dr. Phil, I'm sure he'd agree that spending time together to make a purchase [of a firearm] is better than just a purchase.

Make it a day together, make it a date. That way it's an experience, not a stressful few hours of, "you learn this, then that, no hold it this way, no not like that, what's wrong with you anyway" kinda thing. Who knows, you might just get lucky (success in any form is my meaning of lucky, but far be it from me to stop you from reading into this word) for all your extra effort. good luck men.
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