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Originally Posted by scarville View Post

Even though my wife wants a gun for self defense she really doesn't want to spend every weekend at the range. Maybe someday she will change her mind but today is not that day.

She is looking for a tool not a lifestyle.

So, how many guns will someone have to try to find the "perfect" gun? Twenty? Fifty? There are a LOT of different guns out there today and each has its own quirks and a different manual of arms.

"Honey, the safety on this one has to be pushed up instead of down."

"Well, the only safety on this one is that the little lever on the trigger."

"The safety on this one also un-cocks it for you." (decockers still scare her because she associates a hammer falling with a gun going bang)

"No, you have to push the magazine release on this one forward."

"The first shot on this one is double action, then it switches to single action."

If my wife goes to a range once a month and puts 50 rounds through one rental gun each time she'll need two or three years just to decide which gun to get.

How long did it take to learn to drive a car? Is a gun more or less complicated?

So now the answer is to tell her to just go ask for help on the Internet?

That's gonna work.

The Fanboys will tell her to forget everything else and that Gaston Glock is the One True Savior. The 1911 bigots will counter with the claim that John Browning's design is Perfection itself handed down by God (or at least the Angel Moroni). If she has the temerity to think a revolver might be best she can still read the interminable arguments over Ruger versus S&W.

OK, let say she get past all that. Then she can try to make some sense of the "stopping power" arguments. 45 ACP versus 9mm versus 357 magnum versus 380 versus 38 spl versus 40 S&W versus...

Frankly, I cannot think of a better way to make her hate the whole idea of owning a gun.

Apologies to the ladies in this forum if the above sounds harsh. I asked my original question because I'm trying the help my wife get past the BS I don't even notice much anymore.
Can I just re-quote this? I see the interest there. I see the desire to find a good gun and time to try. But again, as I mentioned - the hardcore passion we happen to have is not there. Not yet anyway.

Agreed with masameet that perhaps a beginner training class of some sort would be better suited for scarville's wife.

And in regards to onequickshift's fervor ... I am sorry to hear about your incident but I really don't need every fact of your life on every post you make. I can practically make a bio out of your posts in this thread alone. I don't want to "psychologize" you - but that might be something you need to take into consideration.

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