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I am truly sorry to hear you had that kind of experience there. Mine was nothing like that, and I mean NOTHING like that.

We had 1 instructor for every 2 students, and they were all very patient and all very cool. They made it clear if we felt we were being pushed too hard to tell them and they would back off, they just wanted us to succeed. But I never saw any instructor actually need to be told to back off, they were all so very patient.

Like I said before, the women performed much better than most of the men on my line.

I am headed back this January and will report back either we can see if your experience has become the norm, or was an oddity. I certainly hope it is not the norm. That would seriously suck.

As for speed shooting, and timed drills...yes...that was the point. To leave there with the ability to handle anything that came up and survive a firefight. And yes, the steps were very hard to remember. But the instructors were very cool about the fact that it was hard to remember and patiently worked with each of us until we got it and could do it consistently. That said, they started us of extremely slowly and made us do things so many times that it became second nature before moving on.

The one instructor per line sounds like the issue to me. We had more instructors than we really needed, which relieved any stress students felt and kept instructors from getting overwhelmed. There was always someone there to help you out individually. If you didn't have that, I think it would be chaotic and very frustrating for everyone. So I truly hope that things will be the way I remember them the last time I went and not the way you describe. I will feel very cheated if they are as you describe.

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