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Originally Posted by Siddicken1953 View Post
Myk's first post is spot on, s&w mp15, it has no dust cover and no forward assist. I have never used my forward assist on any rifle, anyone who is trained in high speed. High pressure situations will not press a forward assist, worthless in real world. The dust cover isn't needed either unless you plan on going somewhere that has sandstorms. Get some rounds thru the barrel and use frog lube. It will keep your bolt carrier group nice and juicy and repel dirt, debris and carbon. Good luck

Originally Posted by NHP1127 View Post
The forward assist and dust cover are there for a reason. We used both in the USMC. They are good to have if needed. The Sports don't have them because they are cheaper to manufactuer and an entry level AR.

Originally Posted by alfred1222 View Post
Sorry but no. There are plenty of situations where a dust cover and forward assist come in handy, that's why they were designed to be there in the first place. Everyone know that if your AR isn't kept clean, it won't function properly. Look at what happen in Vietnam before the troops were issued cleaning kits. A dust cover is essential in my opinion because it keeps crap like sand, dust, dirt, and grit out of you breech and off your bolt. AR-15's were not designed to be pretty little bench rest rifles, but rather down and dirty tools of war, and anyone who seriously trains with their weapon will get it dusty and covered in grime. Hell, if you just want to go shoot out in the desert you're gunna get it covered in dust.
Also Correct

I was trained in the Corps to keep the dust cover closed and to use the forward assist if needed in certain situations. I only had to use the FA once.

Somolia Africa.

Personally, I won't buy an AR15 without a FA and a Dust Cover.
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