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Originally Posted by winnre View Post
October is good because it is a new fiscal year. If he was short on his numbers then September would be his push.

You have a lousy recruiter. The Marines wined and dined me in high school but just did not have a job I liked. The recruiters should hold your hand all the way through the process.

Dunno about 11B though. Check out your ASVAB scores. I was told I could have any job I wanted. Go for the ones that will challenge you. Go with In-Flight Missile Repairman if you have the scores for it. Not many 11B jobs in the civilian world.

I just had a buddy lose his clearance for failure to disclose a part of his past. Now he is fighting to get it back or else he is out. It was a harmless omission, he simply thought "Oh I do not need to tell them something so insignificant." One of MY assignments in a past unit was to review everyone's clearance applications. I got the job because I was cleared even after answering YES to some of the HAVE YOU EVER? questions. You want to give them more than they need, show them you have nothing to hide.

If all else fails, try another branch. The Air Force recruiter had no time for me and I ended up going Army.
I agree with what all you guys said. I personally believe that the recruiting process should be done at meps with a recruiter, without perhaps incentives involved or commission. The thought of being sold off as a ' sale' leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Clearly the interest of the recruit isn't being looked at as a opportunity to serve, or help his country. It's like going to the car dealership and trying to negotiate a sales price with credit
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