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Default Had same problem

Originally Posted by wu_dot_com View Post
if you have factory mag, and the feed lip is not bent, then the first thing you need to look is the mag springs especailly if you have a combination failure of feeding and locking back.

what that tells me is that your mag follower is not properly angle your bullets as its being position to be fed. when angle correctly, the point of contact during feed should land right on the center of the feed ramp of the barrel at a upward angle.

also what props the slide lock back is a notch in your mag follower, so if it have insufficient spring force, it will not prop up the slide release.

the first thing you should do is disassemble your mag, clean and inspect the spring. if the spring is deform or broken, then replace it with one of wolff's extra power mag spring. since its new, im suspecting that the spring was install backward.
+1 Last week I had the same problem with one of my 10 round 92FS magazines the others worked fine, mine was over +10 years old though. I always number my mags so I cant tell them apart. I also was using UMC, I replaced the mag spring and follower, I happened to have a spare set. Now it shoots the UMC and other FMJ fine.
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