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Well folks, it's been a week since the EMP deely-bopper thingamajig went off. Now what's happening? Did the neighbors eat their dogs yet?

At the end of week 1, I am stuck here in feral zombietown and the city is burning and a heavy pall of smoke, like what I saw in the 92 riots is hanging over the basin burning eyes and lungs when one goes outside. The freeways and surface streets are blocked with inoperable cars. Lots of gunfire....sounds like the 4th of July every night. I've not fired a round nor hardly left my yard except to pedal up to a high vantage point with a spotting scope to check out the situation. The looting and arson is crazy, but still mostly restricted to lower-income and commercial areas(?). Del Amo Mall, Redondo Beach Galleria and all the local grocery stores are all burnt to the ground now. Pacific Coast Hwy through the Beach Cities is burning as is Long Beach and San Pedro-can't see any farther than those places even when the onshore flow clears the smoke. I'm ok with need to go anywhere. I've been sleeping and lounging around a lot-conserves energy and I'll need it. Been keeping some of the garden plants alive with a hand waterer, to save next years seed rather then actually getting any sustenance especially as i fooked up and kinda let my garden go this year. The nights are pitch nightglow from the city except for the dull red on the smoke where the fires are burning. That same smoke blown out from the inland areas to the coast further darkens the night. I have a PVS-14 and weapons mount thermal imager. I rode a fat tire mountain bike down to a permanent water source at night- its only a quarter mile away- I've practised driving and pedaling with NV- it was a lot more fun when I was young and invulnerable (i mean, stupid). I filled two 5 gallon buckets of water for the stuff in the garden that I want to collect seed from. It looks like folks are staying inside. I've seen some candles burning in the odd window here and there and a few jittery flashlight beams but otherwise its just pitch black at night.

I'm thinking about caching some of my provisions in the neighborhood now that folks are beginning to flee. My place is flame resistant and defensible but not that flame resistant and defensible. If I get burnt out I might be running, gunning and sleeping in different places each night...preferably eating the people who burnt my house down. How hard would it be to bury a five gallon pail of provisions here, there or everywhere in an abandoned back yard? I have a gasoline powered hammer drill and a bull point. I could break up thin concrete and pile rubble here or there or loot the local Home Depot for cinderblock and stuff...I still have my 60s era truck running with some gas in the tank and my local roads are passable for a couple of miles. Could I hide stuff in rubble piles if need be? Nothing in my neighborhood has burnt yet.

50% + folks are still hunkering down but there is some serious panicking and a lot of my neighbors are freaking out. Some are trying to form committees to help out but this is a high stakes poker game and I ain't tipping my hand with my preps- there's a lot of "what's yours should be mine" attitude in the air. I'll pretend to join in with a sacrificial pail of Costo know, that 75 day food supply that's only 75 days if you live on less than 300 calories a day?? I have to make plans to have my cupboards and pantry appear empty in case folks start going house to house...maybe I'll leave a few sacrificial cans of stuff or a half a box of oatmeal...just to make it look like I really am a survivalist dude but am now running low myself. It's gonna take a lot of deceit to survive this crap. I turned off my surveillance cameras after dark because the dull red glow from the LED illuminators would give away the fact that I still have electricity courtesy of a Xantrex ProSine that was kept in a Steel Box. I'm making lots of hot water by day and am trying to distill greywater to conserve.

The neighborhood dogs are miserable. People are the ones eating dog food now and some of the dogs are starving. I have a month of food left for my dogs. Three of them will consume whole squirrels or rats if I can get them. One routinely digs up grubs and eats them. They eat seed as well. I turned my parakeets loose...I didn't have the heart to kill them. They just flew off and I never saw them again. I'll save the millet and buckwheat and oats for planting. That bird seed sprouts like crazy when I toss it on the compost heap and its all edible for humans and dogs too.

There's a lot of squawking over the airwaves too... all sorts of deranged end timers yammering about Revelations and 2012 and crap but precious little useful stuff. I've been getting a crash course in DXing these last few evenings (hint preppers-learn to use your shortwave radio ahead of time).

Well fellow Calgunners, how's your second week going? Those of you who unlike me, know how to use your shortwave radios, what've you heard about the world these last few evenings?
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