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Originally Posted by 91 whiskey 209 View Post
Good morning everyone. I didn't mean to imply that we are completely unprepared for a situation like this. Simply that I am not as prepared as some of you with second homes in different states and/or business that are easier to setup defensive positions from. I'm just a normal guy with a family living in a small city surrounded by farmland. I believe I am more prepared than most but definatly not as prepared as u guys. I believe that after several days groups of guys will get together and either try and maintain social order while gathering food OR become very aggressive and seek out those that seem to have food or anything else they might want. I by myself cannot defend my family from a group of armed men (assuming they know what they are doing) coming to take my stuff. At least not for a sustained period of time. Unfortunately that's my situation- until I can get that bomb shelter.
Hi - I am just a normal person too that is trying to become better prepared. I live in a surburban location so just trying to do my best to be as prepared as possible for my family. I would try and be as covert as possible and try and make my family look as desperate as others to not raise suspicion but that can only happen for so long. I need to develop a longer long term plan. Still working on that.
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