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If you have water on the top it will leak out a tad, if you have water that fell down the outside you will notice some leakage. If you have pins stuck between the top and barrel gasket you will see some leakage.

IF all of your water is leaking out then you have issues with either not tightening it properly or something else. If it leaks just a tad then I find it acceptable. Usually though it is just residual water that got caught down below in that lower channel that falls out I think.

ALSO, when I tighten it shut, I do it like a lug nut pattern or manifold pattern, I will do one nut down to almost tight, then go across the way and do another one, then another and so on each time doing one across the way. Finally I will go over them again in a similar pattern and tighten them all down so that way they all get about the same amount of torque. I have washed prolly 100+ lbs of brass through it and usually any water that looks like it is leaking is my fault. Worst case get some fender washers to put under the nuts... I think any water I have seen was really residual water and maybe only a tablespoon or two at most. Is yours brand spanking new? Maybe it needs to get broken in.

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