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Originally Posted by Obviously a Plant View Post
Good news!
Now make a sign so folks don't keep walking into the computer repair shop next door
Yeah, some folks do have a tough time, finding the shop, lol. There is a city sign ordinance that either prohibits, or makes it hard, to have a temp/freestanding sign, out by the street. Not sure of the actual details, but they can't go that route. There was some scuttlebutt, a while back, about putting some signage on the building (to the left of the front door) and I thought the building owner was on board with that, but not sure what the status is.

Standard (In state) PPT fee, is $35. The out of state transfer fees do get kinda wacko and vary from transaction to transaction, but it's my understanding that can't be helped.

As of tight now, it's my understanding, that all four gunsmiths are still on board. From the looks of things back there, they have all been very busy.

While there are bound to be bumps in the road, as there are with any transition, I really think the outcome will be for the better. Expect to see better record keeping, communication, product stocking, etc, as the proverbial dust slowly clears.
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