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I'm not expert and hopefully someone with much more knowledge can correct me but this is what I have found here and from reading the regs: Flash hiders and muzzle brakes aren't inherently illegal, or legal. What is illegal is anything that is a flash "suppressor", meaning it reduces or redirects the flash from the shooters line of sight. Doesn't matter what you call it. The only exception seems to be "CA compliant" in which case it is just approved(still not really sure on this?).

That's the final wording anyways. In practice it seems it is a crap shoot, up to the LEO/DA should they get involved, and there apparently is no standard test to determine one way or the other. If they decide it redirects or suppresses flash you are screwed.

I have a muzzle brake with an open end. It is called a muzzle brake by the manufacturer. The bottom of the brake has no ports, the sides and top have ports including one at the very center of the top, so it in essence directs 20%+ MORE flash and gasses into the shooters line of sight so it is pretty clearly not a flash suppressor. But is that just my opinion? What about the LEO that might be at the range next to me?

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