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ok...I'll try this one more time...the OP asked "How do I (california resident) legally buy a non-roster handgun at the Reno gun show and bring it back into cal (assuming that the seller is non-cal).

Now, with those set of facts, tell me, is their ANY way he can legally do this? The answer is NO.

Im sorry I didn't preface my statement by saying CA residents cannot ship/receive non roster guns into the state from non residents except in the case of family, or LEO, or if you want to make it a single shot, or it's a C&R, or blah blah I said, I could write a full page of possibilities...the question was simple, so was the answer, but everyone seems to have to put their 2 cents in on ways around the outlining how he can drive to reno, just happen to find a CA seller of the non roster gun he wants...even more amazingly, find a CA FFL there as well who will do the transfer for him...and bring it back to CA where he can pick it up ten days later...what a load of am I gonna drive to another state to do a PPT??? And why is a CA resident going to go out of state to sell his non roster gun when he can get a premium for it in CA??? It's just a ridiculous scenario.

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