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Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
Your statement was incorrect and needed to be corrected so that other FFLs do not think that what you were saying was correct. It does not have anything to do with what was asked, but then again, neither did your (false) statement. At least you are admitting your statement was not correct.
I've no problem admitting when I'm wrong...which is a LOT more than I can say for some in this forum...I suppose I could write full page responses to simple questions with an infinite number of ifs, supposes, kind ofs and technicallys...but I thought the OP had a pretty straight forward question. Yep there's a number of ways to skirt the roster...finding a convenient FFL to go along is the first in a multitude of problems the OP would face in legally obtaining a non-roster gun...If they want to do all kinds of conversions and "unconversions" and invest the time and money to get what they want...more power to them...but I'll stick to the simple answers.

And as far as you "correcting" my post so other FFLs won't think it's correct...I didn't know we were so impressionable as a group (obviously though you are above that sort of nonsense right?) It's your right to believe you are the final authority on gun law...I'll stick to reading the law and applying it as I see fit...that's my right.
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