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Been lurking for quite a while now and finally joined a little over a week ago; figured it was about time I got sociable and introduced myself...

I've been shooting since I was very young, although in deference to my wife I took a long break after my kids were born. They're shooting now, and have shot .22s rifles, 12ga shotguns and .50 muzzle loaders over the last few years. Lately I've been teaching them how to use handguns.

I'm definitely a no-frills guy as far as guns go; I like simple paired with enough range time to maintain my marksmanship/skill (to the extent I can call them that). For years my primary handgun was a S&W Model 19 Combat Magnum (.357, 6" barrel), which was replaced by a Glock 17 ~14-15 years ago. I still own the S&W, just don't shoot it as much anymore. I've also owned a Mossberg 146B .22 rifle for most of my life and will be adding a new Big5 Mossberg 500A shotgun combo later this week.

Look forward to seeing you on the boards.

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