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hey everyone, im new i been coming on here for the last few weeks reading on a few things so i thought i would join as i like what i see (for the most part). i might be young (22) but i was first introduced to firearms at the age of five and when i was able to acutly hold one up and fire it my father and i went to sacramento vally range almost every week. my teen years i kinda fell away from the range as school and other things kept me from it, but now as im buying a house in elk grove and probably will be comeing into my fathers mass colection of fire arms i will definatly be seeing the range allot more. anyone recomend one close to elk grove? sacramento vally range is kind of far of a drive. i know of the gun room but i hear some good and bad about it from some cal gunners and other people i just talk with in weapon shops. never been there myself though been meaning to see this horrid place myself. also anyone know of places who like to buy used amd not used but older fire arms? i am probably coming into a large collection and i can not afforde nor have the space for the mass of safes needed to hold them all. thanks again to all of you. and thanks to who ever is keeping this place going, i think i found a new home here.

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