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Originally Posted by residentbazinga View Post
Hey comeback kid. Don't worry about anything he says. He has done the same macho man talk to me before and mostly every thread that I have ever read that he makes a comment on, its always the same story. Don't ever stop asking questions or debating because I love to read and debate myself as does everyone else here I would think. But the difference between us is in the manner to which we debate...
True, I can come off a little abrupt at times. I will talk the same way in person. Oh well, if anyone has an issue with it, they can take it up with me personally. I'm not the type that hides behind the keyboard. Instead, I'm the type who has a long track record of opening my home to fellow calgunners (even ones I've never met before), volunteering my time, firearms, ammo, tools, etc. at calgun events and even giving ammo and other items to those in need. So, if I offend someone because they posted something that was clearly wrong, what can I say other than they were wrong? In the case of this thread, if you notice the person who I originally corrected has, as expected, not come back to comment on his poor legal advise and the fact that he clearly didn't know WTF he was talking about but, he still tried to sound like he did. In comebackid's case. He came back and admitted he hadn't understood the law and was wrong. He gained respect in my eyes for doing that unlike a few others here who regularly post their incorrect take on the law and then run and hide when they are corrected.
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