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I've thought about joining and actually was going to in Jan., just never got around to it. I've toured the place before and only have one problem with the place.

It seems to me that if you intend to shoot various rifles and handguns, a security issue comes up. Now, I was told they don't generally have problems, but let's say I'm at the 22 rifle range at the entry area, but I also have handguns, a lever action and a OLL. I have to leave all but the 22 rifle in my truck with my ammo while I'm shooting. If I'm shooting on the rifle range, where one's vehicle is out of sight, then I have more of a security problem I would think.

I guess the solution is to only bring up what I intend to shoot that day in one area.

Am I worried too much about a possible theft issue or am I justified.

Also, at first I was concerned about the steepness of the range since I use a cane, but I can just drive to the different ranges, so that's ok.

Even tho they don't pro rate if you join in the middle or latter part of the year, the price really isn't that high ($125 still I believe).
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