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Originally Posted by konata88 View Post
I'm new on Calguns; I'm usually on SigForum.

I've had a lesson or two from 9mmE. He's friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and a good instructor. It's not only that he knows how to shoot, but that he knows how to teach you how to shoot. Plus, he has all kinds of funny stories. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as an instructor.

There are many things you can learn by reading. You can even visualize certain things. But there are things like driving, riding a bike, golfing, shooting etc where it really helps to have an instructor while performing the task. And we're lucky to have 9mmE in the Sacto area to help us with shooting.

I just got finished with my lesson and you couldn't be more right! He was excellent and in just one lesson, he helped me more than I could have ever imagined! Sooooo happy he met with me!
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