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Originally Posted by kozumasbullitt View Post
plinker? walther p22 or sig mosquito.
These are two of the last guns I'd ever recommend as first guns. I do like the idea of a .22lr but, I'd suggest a Ruger or Browning. Every PLASTIC (with the exception of the 22/45) .22lr (P22, Mosquito, S&W22, Berretta, etc.) tends to have problems. I'm not talking about the once a year shooter that has put 1000 rounds through his gun. I'm speaking from my experience working at a gunshop/range. Our .22lr rentals would always take a crap except for the Rugers. We did not have a Buckmark. Also, those regular customers who actually shot their guns, would have problems with them after less than a year. I know one guy who like his mosquitos but had to replace them every 6 months to a year because he wore them out that quickly. There are other .22lr handguns that I'd recommend like, most decent revolvers, all High Standards and S&W41s.

Your wife needs to realize that the smaller the gun, the more preceived recoil she will feel. She should really be looking at bigger, heavier guns in smaller calibers instead of small lite guns.
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