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Spike Lee is a bigoted scumbag.

This is taken from an article by Larry Elder:

Isn't getting a lecture on racial sensitivity from Spike Lee sort of like taking tips on dating etiquette from Marv Albert? Remember a few years ago when Spike Lee announced he wants to be interviewed only by black reporters? Remember during the filming of Jungle Fever, and reports of cast members complaining about Spike Lee's alleged abusive treatment of white women? Remember after the release of Malcolm X, Lee implied a racist conspiracy to miscalculate and lowball box-office receipts of his movie?

And remember when the Director, warmly and sensitively, explained his feeling toward mixed race couples: "I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street." Hmmm. During the O.J. Simpson case, the defense alleged that officer Mark Fuhrman, for no reason, pulled over cars with interracial couples. So when Mark Fuhrman expresses displeasure at interracial couples, he's racist. Spike Lee does it--well, Spike must have had his reasons.

And yes, Heston is a man of true class. This incident with Spike Lee is just like the time when George Clooney made a joke about Heston's Alzheimer's. When questioned about it, Clooney responded with the following: "Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves whatever anyone says about him".

Heston responded with the following: "It just goes to show that sometimes class does skip a generation".

And also, "I don't know the man — never met him, never even spoken to him, but I feel sorry for George Clooney — one day he may get Alzheimer's disease. I served my country in World War II. I survived that — I guess I can survive some bad words from this fellow."

If only Hollywood contained more respectable people like Charlton Heston, and fewer smarmy liberal idiots like Lee and Clooney.
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