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Originally Posted by nothinghere2c View Post
don't waste your time running more than 1 graphics card. ATI and Nvidia both are plagued by stuttering and driver issues when running 2 or more cards. its a marketing gimmick (i bought into it a couple times hoping it would get better).

you'd be much happier getting a single beefy card that can perform at the speed of the 2 cards. you'll have smoother frame rates, and a better experience.

some people will say "SLI works for me!"

it does.... SOMETIMES. when it does, it works nicely. when it doesnt, you've wasted your money lol.

It seems that most of the time the BEST way to run two cards side by side is for the lower end cards, like two slower or medium cards in sli = a tad faster than the higher end card. HOWEVER, is it really worth it? No. Skyrim only needs a 285 or better to run nice and smooth. Get a 570 and you will only spend around $150 AND have a GREAT card without dropping a lot of cash. SLI is for magazines and people that are only trying to squeeze out as much as possible for performance and benchmarking without really taking into account how ridiculously wasteful it is to blow that money on top of the line cards...
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