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Yep, I do, for my x39 AR.
I've gradually built up a supply of about 3K pieces x39 brass by buying once-fired off this board as well as Gunbroker. It's out there.
I watch Grafs, Midway USA and other sources for sales on blem and bulk FMJ bullets for AK/SKS rounds and VMAX/ZMAX for the AR.
Same for powder (now exclusively Accurate 1680) and primers (usually Wolf LR and SR). I also buy powder in 8lb jugs, with the savings usually about covering the hazmat fee.
Note that the Berry's RN bullets are pretty cheap, but I've had feeding issues in AKs and my AR. The SKSs have no issue at all.
Once you have supply of brass, you should be able to reload for less than .30 a round.
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