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All of the main English and Euro-continental gunmakers used surplus actions for building sporting rifles, this was long before the 98 and the 1903 began being used for sporting guns. As an example I have a 1892/3 Mannlicher that I too was having a hard time explaining. I researched for several months before finding a widely spread group of collectors that were able to shed some light on my mystery. My rifle has an seven sided receiver, barrel has a full rib, express sights. The stock is beautiful Walnut ,snabble forearm with Black horn accessories and a silver monogram plate on the underside of the stock. The receiver is engraved. I had a hard time finding anything about this model of Mannlicher other than it was refered to as a Roumanian Mannlicher. I later came to find out that all the main gunmakers in europe were in the habit of taking surplus actions usually from canceled contracts and making sporting rifles, and the 1892/3 was very popular. These were not used receivers. Many of the continental calibers also had British names given to them. It is possible that you have something along these lines. Great little carbine/scout rifles.
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