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Originally Posted by Fjold
Many people opened up the Kurz actions (1910 Mexicans) to fit the 7 Mauser, 30.06 and 25.06 rounds into. If the action has not been modified it is very collectable, people really like those smaller actions. Are you sure that the bore is 7mm? There was a 6.5x54 chambered in the Obendorf Kurz that was not the same as the 6.5x54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer round.
6.55 x 54r Mauser, that would be obscure. I think they were all chambered in 7mm though. Are you sure that it's not a 95? How many lugs on the front of the bolt?
Kurz and Mexican 1910 are not the same , Mexican is intermidiate 8.5"(1910 1924 1936), Kurz 8.125", Standard , 8.75"

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