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Default 7mm Rigby? (not the rimmed one!)

I am trying to find out what I have for a chambering. I just put my name on a Mauser 98 Kurz (not a 98K) and will be able to do a chamber cast in a few weeks. But what I am sure of, is that it is not a rimmed cartridge. My original thought was that it was the same as the 7x57 or .275 H&H. The Kurz action throws that idea out the door. The cartridge will be about .308 length and a smaller body diameter since a 7mm-08 would only go in about 1/3 of its length before it stopped. Hopefully, someone out there that has familiarity with obscure european cartridges can shed some light on this. I have refenced my copy of The Handloaders Guide to Cartridge Conversions and also every variation of searches on the Internet. I plan to load this cartridge no matter what because this rifle begs to be hunted with.
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