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Originally Posted by Sublime_AC View Post
This is what I do not understand, I purchased my home here in Escalon 13 years ago. I have lived in the same home, paid taxes, supported the schools and community, yet I do not get to use the services of the Escalon PD?

There is ONE sheriff on patrol for the rural San Joaquin county area that I live in. ONE... He covers from Tracy, through Ripon, to Escalon and back to Stockton. Geographically this is a HUGE area of farmland, with what amounts to almost zero police coverage.

I go for walks in the rural area, if something were to happen I would be screwed. I called the sheriff once in an emergency situation, firearm pointed at bad guy, 45 minute response. So I know I am on my own, my county sheriff will likely deny my CCW and the local PD will not give me one because I am not in the incorporated part of town??? This to me amounts to a tremendous pile of bulli*****...

Kalifornia is so screwed in how they handle CCW. In light of last years shootings and our liberal minded politicians I do not see this getting better.
You sound like you are in a similar situation as me except I am not in an actual town. I live between Farmington and Escalon. A little more than a year ago, I had some deputies out because of some vandalism and trespassing issues. The deputy asked me if I had guns. I asked him why he wanted to know. He said that it could take them 30 minutes or more to get out here and that I should be prepared to take care of myself and my family and that if I didnít have any arms, I should consider getting one.

You talk about taking walks in the country, that is one of the things I put in my good cause statement. Specifically I talked about a neighbor that was attacked by a dog when walking. The sheriff wanted specific names and dates which I couldnít give him. I am a volunteer firefighter out here and we have at least one call for a dog attack while someone was walking since I was turned down for my CCW.
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