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Originally Posted by Sublime_AC View Post
I live in Escalon, I actually have a Riverbank mailing address which is in Stanislaus county. I do not know the best route to success for a CCW. I can relocate to Stanislaus county, but the interview schedule is currently over one year out. I went to the Escalon Police department today hoping to talk to their police chief or somebody who could give me some input as to whether they'd issue to a 13 year resident in an unincorporated area or if they'd pass me off to San Joaquin Sheriff's department...

It is my understanding that San Joaquin is a tuff county to obtain a CCW.

What are your guys thoughts? Should I relocate and hope for an opening in the interview schedule?

Or head down the path of Escalon PD / San Joaquin sheriff?
If you don't live in the city, you can't apply there.
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