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Originally Posted by Fyathyrio View Post
I cannot drive there to pick it up and do a FTF xfer...right?
I cannot buy it specifically for my wife, I must buy it for me and she gets to use it, unless she does the paper work and it's all hers then.
California is a community property state. You can purchase it and register it in your name, and she is free to use it as hers. If a LEO runs the serial number, it will come back not-stolen, and registered to someone with the same last name.
I must use an FFL here to receive and hold in gun jail and do the paperwork.
10 day waiting period, no more than 1 handgun purchase every 30 days (FTF PPT doesn't count toward the 30 day limitation).
Can the private seller send it or must he also use an FFL?
That, I don't know.

It also must be on the roster for anything other than a FTF PPT:
- Rich

Originally Posted by dantodd View Post
A just government will not be overthrown by force or violence because the people have no incentive to overthrow a just government. If a small minority of people attempt such an insurrection to grab power and enslave the people, the RKBA of the whole is our insurance against their success.
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