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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Um, an 'informed consumer' should have the right to inspect actual items he's buying before proferring funds for safety, quality/appearance (i.e, poss. collectability) and ergonomics . I can't see how forcing someone to buy an object - other than perhaps canned cling peachers or beans or tomato sauce - without inspection is rational consumer behavior. (And yes, I do inspect a can of tomato sauce to check for bulged lid in case of botulism).

[Mailorder sales of a product do avoid some of this but most mailorder houses (Amazon) etc have very good return policies. Most guns cannot, by contrast, be returned as new and an immediate replacement is not allowed (new DROS, new serial# etc.)]
Not to mention it also cuts down on the marketing potential to the seller. The whole purpose of a gun show is to give the seller access to thousands of passer-by customers until a gun is sold. Under the countys proposal, if the seller took a payment/deposit on a gun, he would (should) no longer offer it for sale. If after the gun show the interested party didn't like it, which is quite likely, the seller would have to wait until the next day or next gun show to advertise it again. What took a total of a few minutes and occured dozens, if not hundreds of times in one day during a normal gun show, has been reduced to occuring only one time and lasting possibly the entire day.

Also, dozens of vans full of weapons parked across the street from the fairgrounds (off county property) would make a juicy target for thieves.
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