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Originally Posted by powaybob View Post
I think I represented the Front Sight experience I had as accurately as I am able. I plan to return in the spring some time and have another go, so we will see what that experience is like. I think I said there were 468 students there that session in October.

I thoroughly understand the time pressure objective, and I made great improvement in the shooting aspect, and even did pretty well in the house exercise. Clearing the type 2 and 3 jams was just more than I could learn in two days to do quickly, but I do appreciate the importance of knowing what to do and being able to do it rapidly. I'll get it done eventually.

The good news is it is a four hour drive from San Diego, so it is not a great hassle to go there. And lodging in Pahrump is not too expensive, but I would not consider it a culinary destination. Actually, as long as the days were, it worked out well that I bought frozen dinners and salad stuff at the grocery store and just ate in the room. That saved both time and money. My big night out on the fourth night was to go to Panda Express.
OK sounds like you got the weekend they set a record for number of students attending at one time. When you go again stay at the Saddle West if you can. They have a deal for those going to classes at Front Sight. LOL most nights we ate cheap at the hotel and on the long night ate at Sonic. As for the jams unfortunately I have had too much experience in clearing those. What would mess me up is the after action drills of the step and look and step again.
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