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Default Costco Bighorn Safe Deal Coming Back 10/3

Coming back 10/3. Item number will be 569035 (same as last time). Pricing will still be $599.99 plus tax, delivered curbside.

Let's see if this linky works:

Still seems to be active today, 8/5, even though website specifies :"Valid 07/11/13 through 08/04/13. While supplies last." May go away at any time, but will probably be back again.

Seems to be active now. Go to the "order by item number" page and input 569035, or try this link:

Safe comes up @ the $599 price when I just did it.

The Costco Bighorn safe deal for $599.99 is coming back starting 7/11. I got one of these and for the price it is really good. Highest level of security? Of course not, but nice and secure nonetheless.

19.1 cu ft and only ONLINE (you won't find these in the stores).

P.S.: Log on before the 11th: When I bought mine the sale became active 3-4 days before the "start" date.
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